Friday, June 7, 2013

Not quite a born again triathlete

Confession time.

I haven't been swimming since June of LAST YEAR.  Yeah, I was pregnant then...and now that fetus is a 10 month old kid.  And I have yet to swim a lap.

Up until this week, I also had not ridden my bike outside since sometime shortly after 2008.  The bike, she needs a tune up.  The rider...well, let's just say I swore a lot on that first ride.

To make up for all of my multisport lacking ways I turned the comeback ride into a comeback brick and ran a mile off of the bike.  In 8:47.  What?!

Luckily, I have a 10k trail race tomorrow for which I am woefully undertrained so my super stoked bad ass attitude will turn to mud around mile 3.

No time like the present to giddy up!


Meggan Johnson said...


LZ said...

That's so awesome!! Way to go rock star!!

Theia said...

Way to jump back in!